We are delighted to have the opportunity to meet with Mr. M.H.A to introduce and bring traditional Vietnamese silk products to the beautiful countries he travels through. He has praised the handmade silk neckties and scarves from Vietnam as follows : ” I really love these products, they are of high quality, beautiful colors and very soft “. With a passion for traditional handicrafts, GiangGift’s mission is to nurture, preserve, and develope the traditional values of Vietnam, providing international friends with a deeper understanding of these products and creating opportunities for genuine craftsmen to live and develope their craft.

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” Traditional Vietnamese silk is made from high-quality silk yarn, which is raised in natural environments to produce superior quality silk. Products made from Vietnamese silk have high durability, beautiful color, and a soft texture. Products made from traditional Vietnamese silk do not use harmful chemicals and are environmentally friendly. This helps to protect the environment and ensure the safety of users. Using products made from traditional Vietnamese silk helps support workers in the silk production industry. This helps to increase their income and improve their living standards. “


GiangGift is honored to share with you a 100% silk scarf featuring yellow apricot blossoms, hand-painted by a highly skilled artist using watercolors. It took us 30 days to complete this scarf. When you touch the surface of the scarf, you will feel very smooth and soft, with delicate, intricate, meticulous, and vivid designs.


From the very first time I met Mrs.Trang, I could see how beautiful she was – a combination of classical and modern beauty. She had a slender figure, but exuded strength and toughness. Mrs.Trang had long black hair, typical of Vietnamese women, and she dressed in a mixture of traditional and modern styles. She was open-minded and friendly, smart and charming. Although she settled abroad, she always tried to visit her homeland of Vietnam whenever she had the chance. She shared with me how much she loved her country, and every time she returned home, she would collect small, lovely gifts to bring back with her. She had a particular fondness for silk products. Today was a special day for GiangGift, as we were able to send Mrs.Trang a gift that made her exclaim with joy when she saw it. It was a sophisticated purple handmade silk scarf, hand embroidered with a golden lotus flower bud – a symbol of beauty, perseverance, nobility, and purity. This unique scarf was made exclusively for her.”

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Traditional Vietnamese lacquer art is labor-intensive due to its complex decorative technique that requires many meticulous steps. To create a complete lacquer artwork, artisans have to go through the following steps:
Material selection and preparation: To create a beautiful lacquer artwork, artisans must choose high-quality materials and prepare the surface of the object by polishing or applying a basic layer of lacquer.
Layer coating: Artisans must apply multiple layers of lacquer onto the surface of the object and wait for the lacquer to dry completely between each layer.
Decoration: After the layers of lacquer have dried, artisans will perform decoration steps by engraving or attaching decorative materials such as pearls, gold, or silver onto the surface of the lacquer.
Polishing: Finally, artisans will polish the surface of the lacquer to create a shiny, smooth effect.
All of the above steps require concentration, skill, and expertise from artisans. The use of multiple layers of lacquer and decorative materials also makes the production process of lacquer artworks significantly time-consuming and laborious. However, traditional Vietnamese lacquer artworks are beautiful and unique, and are considered a valuable cultural asset of the Vietnamese people.