Mr. L looks “perfect”in the LUCKY silk tie from GiangGift as he said. GiangGift is very pleased to send him a silk tie designed and handcrafted in 20 days by skilled Vietnamese artisans. The LUCKY tie will accompany him in his work and bring him a lot of luck. (GiangGift asks permission not to post photos of guests’ faces for privacy).

Dr. K returned to Vietnam for the first time in 30 years since he participated in the war in the beautiful city of Nha Trang. He invited me to sit down next to him and nervously opened his laptop to show me some precious photos that only he owned, as he was the only one who took them from his old phone at that time. The pictures of rice fields, Vietnamese women sewing clothes, and Vietnamese children with innocent smiles, all had a vintage tone, but they were all about Vietnam, Vietnamese people, and the images that I had never seen anywhere before, I was truly overwhelmed. To lighten up the atmosphere between us, I joked that if he sold these historical photos, he would earn a lot of money. Then, a smile appeared on his face. Dr. K did not want to return to Vietnam after the war, but he was drawn back to this country because of a debt of fate, and since then, he has come to Vietnam at least 2 to 3 times a year for teaching and research. That day, I asked him what he loved most about Vietnam, and he shared with me without hesitation that it was the Vietnamese people, who were extremely friendly and hospitable. He also praised the traditional lacquer products of the GiangGift brand that we were developing. He encouraged me that the country would prosper if there were people like us who tried to preserve and promote the traditional Vietnamese products.

Mrs. Hui is a remarkably gentle, approachable, and refined woman. She and her family currently reside in Singapore. She enjoys taking her entire family on trips whenever they have leisure time to explore the local history and culture. On each of these journeys, she particularly relishes walking to admire the scenery and indulge in local cuisine. She visited Hanoi for the first time in October 2022 with her family and had a truly wonderful and unforgettable experience there. Upon returning to Singapore, she still holds a deep affection for Vietnam, and on one occasion, she sent me a picture of peach blossoms – a symbolic flower of traditional Tet holidays in Vietnam. Inspired by that peach blossom image, I meticulously completed an exquisitely hand-embroidered silk scarf depicting peach blossoms to send to her. Upon receiving the scarf and hearing the story of how it was specially crafted for her, she was profoundly moved.

From the very first moment Mrs. Huyen laid eyes on the hand-embroidered silk scarf with Peony flowers, she couldn’t help but exclaim how beautiful it was. When she touched it with her own hands, she felt a magical connection due to the scarf’s incredible softness and comfort. Mrs. Huyen shared with GiangGift that she placed the scarf on her makeup vanity, and the hand-embroidered Peony flowers illuminated her bedroom.